5 Brainy Blogs for the Curious B2B Marketer

February 26, 2017
by Christine Viera
  • 5 Brainy Blogs for the Curious B2B Marketer

I recently shared a list of 7 favorite blog sites which started with a longer list. Why not share them all at once? Glad you asked! Let’s face it – who can really get through long lists? 101 top books to read, 35 things to know, 50 social media tools for bloggers…they all sound better in concept than practice.

Inspiring B2B bloggers deserve better than to be buried in a long list. I moved some customer experience favs to my blog: Must-Read Content for Serious Customer Experience Marketers.

But wait! There’s more. I’ve assembled a list of hidden gems from intriguing B2B professionals around the globe. Each offers savvy content that’s smart, readable and eminently practical. I hope you enjoy the unique perspectives from these in-the-trenches experts as much as I do. 


5 More Great Blogs for B2B Marketers

(alphabetical order)

1. ExoB2B

We’ve come to greatly admire the smart, provocative insights of our friends at ExoB2B (@ExoB2B). Their blog has over 400 100% B2B blog posts on strategic marketing planning, sales, content marketing and much more.

2. Ink & Key

Lynn Swords (@inkandkey) & I connected via Twitter last year. We had fun one day tweeting pictures back and forth on a dare to prove that we weren’t bots. I’ve since enjoyed her personal, totally human and entirely sensible views on life and marketing.

3. Knowmads

I love marketing and admire B2B marketers. I admit that I have special spot in my heart for product marketers. So, I knew I’d spotted kindred spirits when I found Knowmads (@Knowmads). Their motto “put yourself in the buyers’ shoes” spoke to me. All good marketing revolves around the customer experience. And, you’ve just gotta love a team of marketers who describe their location as ‘Boston, Home of Snow’.

4. Marketing Outfield

David Hubbard (@MOutfield) curates and creates original B2B content on sales and marketing. He offers a unique perspective on these intertwined pillars of B2B business. What makes David’s content particularly interesting is that he offers detailed how-to guides. It’s the kind of content you can only create when you’re a true practitioner.

5. Pravda Media Group

Another story of connecting with like-minded B2B professionals via social media, I connected with Kfir Pravda (@kfirpravda, @PravdaMG) virtually. We had an invigorating discussion about B2B marketing over Twitter. Kfir likes tech & whiskey and I like tech & wine – so clearly we’re kindred spirits. The content published by Kfir and his team is like a straight shot of whiskey. It’s the straight scoop on B2B marketing without the fluff.


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