Are You Drawn to the Dark Side of Content Marketing?

December 4, 2016
by Christine Viera

Do these come hither tricks draw you to the dark side?

Like everyone else, I’m drawn to read an article by a great headline. Everyone has a deliciously tempting list of tips, tricks, ideas, and strategies to help you do marketing better.


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Why does it draw us in like a great glass of your favorite wine on Friday night after surviving a crazy day and lousy commute?

Because marketers are facing a tsunami of change.

No – it really isn’t just you. You aren’t alone facing incredible shifts in how to connect with the people who buy your stuff.

The craft has never been squirrelier to navigate. The rise of revenue-owning CMOs + a surge in MarTech tools + an explosion of channels to market + inbound marketing as a new norm + low barriers to competition in most industries = a tumultuous craft to master.

If you’re like me, it also makes the art of marketing exciting. That’s why I constantly read up on new techniques. And what I’m seeing is a lot of snackable content. It’s easy to read and understand. And that’s a good thing. It’s a really great way for experts to showcase their expertise and their desire to help you.

Bite-sized content seems like just the right pairing with that great glass of wine as you’re unwinding. It’s neatly consumable. You’re done reading tips and tricks by the time dinner is ready.


But don’t get fooled by the dark side of content marketing

And yet there’s a dark side to all of this content marketing. These bite-size pieces of advice are super tactical. Write a better blog. Get more followers on Twitter. Have a content plan. Get Web traffic up. All of these are tactics.

Yet, without a true marketing strategy in place, pursuit of these many tactics would just add up to busyness. You could be great at one or all of those tactics and still fail to connect with potential customers and grow your market.

Strategy emerges from grounding yourself in your customers’ challenges, and uniquely addressing them. It comes from understanding how effectively your organization’s customer experience, solutions and products meet market demand. And it springs from designing how meaningfully showcase that value, in an engaging way and in the right channels to reach prospects and customers.

So, while you’re consuming that deliciously snackable marketing content, just remember:


Tactics ≠ Strategy





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