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August, 2016

  • August 25, 2016
    by Christine Viera

    A classic tool, the marketing persona is overdue for a modern overhaul. My friend Peg Miller recently wrote excellent advice on how to cure persona-itis and other persona management challenges. She inspired me to reflect on what modern personas should do. So, if you’re a product marketing expert and wondering how to manage personas, here’s my advice. A modern marketing persona is a marriage of […]

  • Upcycling is described as the process of converting older or discarded materials into something useful and often beautiful. Let’s discuss new ways to upcycle current content, and turn it into something useful and perhaps even more beautiful. Over the course of this three-part blog series, I’ll provide three example content types that most B2B organizations already have within their content library: webinars, blogs, and long […]

  • In my original post in this series, I shared ideas to upcycle your webinar content. Let’s turn our attention to blog posts. Here’s how we can apply similar thinking to your blog strategy: Pay attention to web analytics. Look for your top 10-20 blog posts (which are likely responsible for most of your blog traffic anyway) and determine why they are driving interest from your prospect […]

  • August 7, 2016
    by Peg Miller

    In prior posts, we’ve discussed ideas to get more out of your webinar content. Now let’s apply the same methodology to ebooks and other longer form content. Let’s get more mileage out of ebooks, white papers, and technical guides by building derivative assets from these long form content assets. Build infographics to visually tell the story. Pull key concepts out of long form content, and illustrate the story […]

B2B Marketing Academy | 2016 August
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