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Data Driven Marketing

  • Is your marketing team ready for data?

    Data is a marketer’s new best friend. For those getting their groove on with data, I’ve shared some tips, tricks and 3 great guides to help. So what’s next? It’s all about people. Coaching people to adopt data is as important as having it in the first place. Don’t kid yourself. It freaks your team out when you give them quotas for marketing goals. Even if they act cool, they’re quietly wondering “how am […]

  • Why Your Marketing Strategy Is Flawed…And How to Fix It Customer experience (CX) is terrible for most these days. If you’re on the hook for addressing this in your marketing strategy, it’s a big mountain to climb. Why? A good CX requires change. Most find change hard. And being a change agent takes courage and support. It requires companies to look inward and challenge strongly held beliefs. It’s best done […]

  • 1 Minute Guide to Mastering Marketing Data

    How Well Do You Guide Your Marketing Team In This Data Era? Marketing, revenue and pipeline goals are now common for most CMOs and their teams. Yet if you can’t easily see it, measure it, forecast it, and track the outcomes – you’re facing a heavy lift to justify your marketing spend. But is data-driven marketing just about having the right KPIs and dashboards? Definitely not!  It’s about having: […]

  • In the not-too-distant past, B2B marketers kept measure of our impact on market share growth, revenue, leads generated, and how much content we created.  None of these were truly a measure of marketing’s contribution and impact. When we grew and our numbers were good – this method worked. If revenues were flat – it was a mad scramble to show our business unit / team / personal impact.  To […]

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