Must-Read Content for Serious Customer Experience Marketers

February 23, 2017
by Christine Viera
  • Must-Read Content for Serious Customer Experience Marketers
  • Must-Read Content for Serious Customer Experience Marketers

Customer experience (CX) is what sets the best B2B brands apart. Marketers increasingly lead the charge in aligning brand strategy and customer targeting with customer experience design. It’s a hard craft. There’s a lot of hype to wade through to find good CX content. Having slogged through a lot of articles, I’ve found these particularly useful articles and sites. Written by real practitioners, these content pieces are for leaders committed to execution and results.


1. McKinsey Customer Experience Site

As you’d expect from this industry leader, McKinsey offers a slate of well-researched articles. They capture the reality of driving CX in modern enterprises. 

2. Implementing Customer Experience as an Organizational Value by Pete Kinser via UX Magazine

Here’s bankable advice for CX leaders on how to translate vision into action.

3. Customer Journey Mapping by Carol-Ann Morgan via B2B International

Journey mapping is a heavily fatigued term. It’s been chewed up and spat out from the marketing hype machine. And yet, marketers need to know the common paths customers take to engage with their brands. This article condenses hype into an easy read and usable frameworks.

4. The Customer Experience Operating System (CX-OS)  by Gerry Murray of IDC’s CMO Advisory service via

How do you power your CX work? Read on for an informative view on aligning the MarTech “stack” to support CX. It outlines stages of CX-OS evolution that will make you think hard about your tech strategy.

5. 7 Steps to Deliver Better Customer Experiences by Denise Lee Yohn via Harvard Business Review

This article nailed the CX approach in a few key steps. Starting with brand strategy and including customer segmentation and assessment — this distills CX to its very essence.

6. CustomerBliss Blog

A steady stream of meaningful content comes courtesy of Jeanne Bliss (@JeanneBliss). Jeanne is pioneer in the CX field who shares her practical experience through approachable content.

7. Type A Communications Blog

Carla Johnson (@CarlaJohnson) is a prolific author who writes insightful content about B2B marketing and CX. If you don’t yet follow her work, you should.

What CX content do you find inspiring and useful?

(Updated, February 2018)


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