Why Marketing and Sales Struggle to Get Along

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We all know it’s important for marketing and sales teams to go to market with an aligned strategy. Many organizations have shared revenue goals between sales and marketing. According to Forrester, 82% of CMOs report that their goals are aligned to revenue targets. Gartner reports that CMOs now spend more on technology than CIOs and most CMOs own or share profit responsibility. Marketing as a discipline is gaining credibility and priority within more organizations. Yet, there continues to be a natural rift between marketing and sales teams.

Caveat: Even though I’m a marketing practitioner by day, I started my career in sales and tell people I’m a salesperson at heart which has made me a better marketer. I have huge respect for the jobs we do, whether we’re in sales or in marketing. This is meant to be a fun observation of what marketers say versus what they mean versus what the sales team is thinking. Can you see yourself in any of these comments? Feel free to add any I’ve missed in the comments section. This could get fun.

We’re Speaking Two Different Languages: What Marketers Say (Mean), and What Salespeople Think

marketing and sales alignment

We’re Speaking Two Different Languages: What Marketers Say, What Marketers Mean, What Salespeople Think                           © 2017 B2B Marketing Academy, Peg Miller


Peg Miller is Co-Founder of the B2B Marketing Academy, and consults with high growth companies on their marketing, content and product strategies to achieve revenue results.

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