B2B Social Selling: 5 Key Facts

January 29, 2017
by Christine Viera

B2B Social Selling: 5 Key FactsPart of the 72% still not sold on Social Selling? Social media is no longer a niche for a digital few. According to Pew Research Center, 6 in 10 get their news from social media. Do you believe it doesn’t relate to you or your customers in B2B? You might need to re-think that.

Nielsen reports that adults now spend 22%, or five and half hours a week, on social media. And no…it’s not just Millennials. Xers are a major part of the social audience. There are plenty of Boomers there too. The best way to know if your buyers are active in social is to research it. And when you do get more active in social, be sure to train your people to be comfortable with it. They can drive social engagement that matters.


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