How to Embrace Your Hidden Inner Storyteller

January 2, 2017
by Christine Viera

‘Content Marketing’ Is a Bit of a Facade

Marketing has always been about content.

As a concept, content marketing is fun and incredibly useful. It helps marketers teach non-marketers the facts of life. People buy products from people who make them. The story of why, what for, and how…it all matters for B2B buyers.

In a digital age, the conversation takes place using content across every stage of the customer lifecycle. Conversations flow from digital to sales people and partners only to further criss-cross these channels throughout the buying process. The path of that journey is purely at the discretion of your buyers.

The best B2B marketers know that and make plans to be present where, when, and how customers expect. They plan and manage full funnel content strategies. 

Most importantly, the best B2B marketers can tell a good story. People want to know why your vision serves their needs. How does your approach to tackling problems uniquely qualify you to be a business ally? Why are your people the best talent available in serving hard-to-solve business challenges? What is your magical B2B stuff the absolute best at the right price with the ideal long-term service and business model?



Isn’t This What I’m Already Doing?

Well…maybe. If you’re reading this blog, it’s because you’re an avid practitioner of the marketing craft. You’re no doubt doing great work in your day job.

Even so…we all get caught in our ways. It’s hard to see our own patterns. It’s easy to drink the kool-aid. Before you know it, you start spouting acronyms, speeds and feeds, and other insider baseball stuff. When you hear it every day, it starts to sound normal.  But if you keep your customers in mind, it’s easier to resist. See the story from an outsider perspective and you’ll be able to see the forest for the trees. 

To make it easier, here’s a checklist for you. See what you think and decide what else you’d include.

Storytellers Check List


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