How to Map Content for Brilliant B2B Full Funnel Marketing

November 3, 2016
by Christine Viera
  • B2B Marketing Funnel

I recently wrote about adopting a B2B full funnel marketing approach for content and program planning. It’s a good way to focus on serving customers across the funnel and channels. Let’s now dig a bit deeper into a simple way to apply it to your content marketing plans. 

Remind me again, why adopt a full funnel marketing approach?

So you can inform, serve and shape the customer experience better.  

Don’t you mean that a full funnel approach drives revenue results?  

Yes, and customer experience is what drives better and more profitable revenue streams. Focus on your customers throughout their journey, and you’re more likely to earn their trust. Earn their trust, and you’re in position to earn more of their business. For a great list of stats that support my statements, check out Sprinklr’s Big List of 43+ Customer Experience Statistics.

Creating a B2B Marketing Funnel Approach


How do I practically do this full funnel marketing stuff? 

Check out my first blog on B2B full funnel marketing to ground your work. I define what I mean by full funnel marketing for B2B brands. The framework I provided in that blog is a mashup of the customer lifecycle, marketing funnel stages, and major marketing channels.

It’s not just your average blog graphic. It emerged from my day-to-day work for several great B2B brands. So, it’s how I’ve really aligned teams and planned marketing content work over the course of my career.

Now, let’s fit modern content and programs to the customer journey steps. Here’s the next evolution of the framework:

B2B Marketing Funnel Content Map

B2B Marketing Academy Full Funnel Content Map


Why this list of tactics?

These are top content and program tools that B2B marketers use. See for yourself. Check out the Content Marketing Institute’s 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America. There’s also a great summary of the CMI report offered by Lee Odden of TopRank Marketing.

However you decide what goes into the grid, create a common set of terms and definitions for your company’s content and program types. It’ll help your marketing partners more easily collaborate and create content to serve the funnel.

What should I do with a grid like this?

Get together with your marketing friends and audit current content. How much content do you have? Do you have a lot of content for one particular channel or stage of the funnel? Is there more content for sales enablement than for top of funnel customer awareness? What are the content gaps? 

Put icing on the cake by mapping content to the various personas you’ve targeted. How much executive level content do you really have? Is your content technical, and so a better fit for subject matter experts than business buyers? Do you have the right content for procurement, legal, and other stakeholders in you’re the purchase process?

With a content audit in hand, you can more quickly plan and accelerate content delivery for your marketing initiatives.


What’s a Post-Funnel Marketing Strategy?

Whether it’s a new logo or upsell to an existing customer, you need to make a great post-purchase impression quickly. Every customer wants to know when the goods get delivered, how to start, and who to call with questions. 

Are you thinking ‘Hey…that’s not marketing!’ In many organizations, it isn’t marketing’s job. And thats the opportunity. With marketing support, B2B organizations can equip delivery and service teams with marketing automation, content, and templates to make the post-purchase experience more compelling.

It doesn’t have to be fancy. You can start with simple steps. A good welcome experience includes a welcome email, an on-boarding kit, some best practice videos and regular communications from purchase through installation. Make these dependable parts of the customer experience, and you’ll leave customers feeling important.

Take it a step further by planning the full post-purchase experience with your service experts.

Be Practical & Get Faster Lift

Leverage the B2B full funnel marketing grid to surface the content you have. No doubt, your organization has hidden content assets that you can reuse. A content audit arms you with the ability to upcycle your content rather than having to create everything from scratch. By refreshing content strategically, you can accelerate your time to launch new campaigns.

Next, discuss your content discovery insights with the marketing tribe. Use the B2B full funnel marketing framework as a Rosetta stone to forge a new understanding and agreement across teams. Together, plan your go-forward content strategy.

Next up, what B2B marketing research studies can help you benchmark your results.


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