8 Ways to Exploit Your Best Blog Posts

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In my original post in this series, I shared ideas to upcycle your webinar content. Let’s turn our attention to blog posts. Here’s how we can apply similar thinking to your blog strategy:

  1. Pay attention to web analytics. Look for your top 10-20 blog posts (which are likely responsible for most of your blog traffic anyway) and determine why they are driving interest from your prospect and customer base.
  2. Look for common themes or topic areas across multiple blog posts. Can this be built into a multi-part series on your blog? You may have already written the backbone of an ebook, but the content just happens to be sitting in five different blog posts.
  3. Explode winners. Should this blog topic be exploded into a SlideShare or webinar topic? Should you be writing more blogs on this topic? Let the winning topics inform your entire content strategy for the quarter (year). You may even find hidden gems for your product team — look for words that resonate and topics that are important to your customers.
  4. Take it on the road. Should your CEO make this winning blog topic part of his next presentation at an industry event?
  5. Tell the story with a visual. Does this blog lend itself to an infographic?
  6. Video interview. Can this topic be discussed in a video Q&A between one of your influencers and a key customer?
  7. Don’t forget social sharing for blogs too. Sometimes we reserve our social shares for “important” content assets, and forget about the lowly blog post. Have you shared this blog post through Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and any other relevant social media networks for your target audience? How recently? How frequently?
  8. Engage your influencers. Have you encouraged your influencer network to share this blog post with their networks? How recently? How frequently?

Sometimes our teams get so burdened with keeping up with the editorial calendar to produce blogs every day/week/month, that we forget to capitalize on the content we’ve already written.

Encourage your team to get into the habit of thinking about upcycling for every original piece of content that gets created by your company. Consider giving your team a one-month Content Creation Vacation. For one month, challenge your team to not create any new content from scratch. They are only allowed to create content by expanding the most successful existing assets. You might be surprised how much more (effective) content you can produce, without more heavy lifting. By upcycling your content into something even more useful, you’ll improve the overall effectiveness of your content marketing programs, to help fill the funnel and drive lead generation.

Next in the series, we’ll explore tips to upcycle white papers or ebooks. If you’d like to learn more tips for more content types, see my full original blog post with 24 tips to upcycle your marketing content.


Peg Miller is Co-Founder of the B2B Marketing Academy, and consults with high growth companies on their marketing, content and product strategies to achieve revenue results.