5 Hidden Places to Find Content Within Your Organization

June 29, 2016
by Peg Miller

Whether you consider yourself a content marketing newbie or you’ve been doing content marketing for years, I guarantee there is content inside your organization that is being underused within your content marketing strategy.

2016 B2B Content Marketing Trends, Content Marketing Institute/MarketingProfs

60% of marketers are challenged to create engaging content, according to 2016 B2B Content Marketing Trends, from Content Marketing Institute/MarketingProfs.

The top challenge for B2B marketers is creating consistent and engaging content, according to Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs’ 2016 report of B2B content marketing trends.

What if I told you the content you’re looking for is right under your nose but you’ve been too busy trying to keep up with content creation cycles to notice the content that’s already been created? In fifteen years of working with hundreds of B2B marketers on their marketing strategies, I have yet to meet a company that doesn’t have usable content within their organization, even if they consider themselves to be very new at content marketing.

And if you’re an advanced content marketer, before you create another piece of content, have you checked the following places for usable content? Sure, it may not be market-facing (yet), but with a little massaging, you will have content-in-a-box ready to go with minimal time needed. I recommend you begin inside your organization and also make sure you don’t forget about your customer and industry ecosystem. Some common places to look for content sources:

  1. Check with the sales team.

    What are their best performing sales decks? Job shadow the best salesperson on the team, what content does she use to close deals? Your sales team is your best source of knowledge for what works – i.e. what content helps turn prospects into customers?

  2. Ask your product marketing team or engineering team.

    Collect data sheets, sales sheets, and technical briefings. This content was created with a sales enablement purpose in mind, yet there’s no reason you can’t tweak it to help make it part of your content marketing program and begin to use this content for TOFU – top of funnel. You will begin to see more educated prospects moving through your funnel as you introduce more of this type of content higher into your marketing funnel, which will have a positive impact on the sales process.

  3. Ask your customer service or customer success team.

    Anyone who talks to frontline customers will be able to give you 2-3 great content ideas during a 5-minute conversation. To create a steady flow of content ideas, create a contest for your customer service team to see who can collect the most content ideas in the course of their normal customer conversations.

  4. Ask your customers.

    Does your organization do NPS (net promoter score) studies or other customer research? This is a goldmine for content ideas! Tabulate customer data to develop industry benchmarks, then share the trends and knowledge with your prospects and customers. Be sure to share the data in aggregate form to protect confidentiality.

    Pro Tip:
    Better yet, call or email a few real customers yourself, and get the scoop from them directly.
    Ask customers what they love about your product. Conduct interviews with your customers to learn their story, then get the interview transcribed to create a great piece of Q&A content. Don’t leave this content buried in a PDF case study that no one reads. Publish customer stories as a Q&A blog post for additional exposure and to help build your natural search.

  5. Follow influencers in your ecosystem.

    What are influencers and industry leaders talking about, tweeting about, writing about? Report on what they’re saying, and add your commentary or observations. Ask them for an interview and then publish the conversation as a Q&A. Voila – instant thought leadership content created by your brand!

Before you create one more piece of content from scratch, be sure you’ve checked these sources for great content starters. What other sources have been great idea starters for your team? I’d love to hear what works for you.



Peg Miller is Co-Founder of the B2B Marketing Academy, and consults with high growth companies on their marketing, content and product strategies to achieve revenue results.