5 Killer Tools for Amazing Social Content

June 22, 2016
by Christine Viera

1. Buffer – Intuitive, visual content sharing tool.

Of all of the tools out there for loading and sharing content, I like this the best. Here’s why.


  • It’s simple to use. It allows you to load your own content or share other people’s great content using a graphical drag-and-drop planner.
  • It detects the images from the links you use, making it simple to add graphics to your post.
  • Even with the free version, you can see which of your posts successfully engages others.
  • You can use this with your various social accounts – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and more.


  • With the extension added to your browser, you can quickly load new content while you’re reading an article, visiting a Web site, or reading an interesting tweet.
  • Buffer includes a social graphic tool called Pablo. Pablo is super easy to use for creating a shareable image. If you have a favorite saying or quotation, you can just pick a graphic, add words and share or download it.


Having also used Hootsuite, I find Buffer easier for finding and sharing content. While Hootsuite has this too, you have to do a lot of copying/pasting and testing to see what your content looks like. Buffer is also different from tools like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck as it has no capability for managing your social network.


2. Canva – Easy graphic design for the casual creative.

Canva-Image 1

Be creative with social images, infographics, and all of your content using this terrific tool. You don’t have to be a graphic designer to do simple things. Canva let’s you pick from many content design types, offers a good selection of free graphics, and has a wide choice of fonts. Better yet, you can load your own images or pay $1 for images from their library. The interface is just plain easy to understand. Most of all, it’s just fun to play around in the tool.


3. Pixabay – Free photos you can use in blogs and your content.

This is a community-driven content sharing site for images, graphics and photos. There’s a wide selection of images to use, and they’re released free of copyrights. Hats off to this service and the creatives who share their great images here!



4. Feedly – Find and easily share great content.

Feedly offers a wide range of content sources that you can add, view and manage in collections. If you have content sites you like, you can easily add them to your collection. It makes finding fresh news and eclectic content a breeze.




5. Co-Schedule – A content planning tool with a free headline analyzer

I haven’t tried the main product, but I like their free headline analyzer. The headline analyzer is a gem. It’s important to stand out in a crowded content market with interesting headlines. This tool helps you assess if your headline is a snoozer or rings the bell.



Post loaded via Buffer, headline tested using Co-Schedule’s Headline Analyzer, blog post image created with graphics from Pixabay and edited in Canva. #MarketingTools


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