Checklist: 6 R’s of Content Marketing — How Well Do You Rate?

In my work helping hundreds of B2B marketers with their content marketing programs, I developed a checklist called the 6 R’s of Content MarketingTM, to help B2B marketers think through their readiness for a content marketing program. Let’s cover the necessary 6 R’s of Content MarketingTM,  to help assess your organization’s preparedness for your content marketing journey.

  1. 6 R's content marketingReady.

    Is your organization ready to commit to a content marketing program? Do you have a content strategy and a plan for internal resources, and external resources if necessary, to execute the strategy? Is the entire organization (CEO, sales, customer service) bought into the concept, or at least aware, and not just the marketing team?

  2. Relevant.

    Today’s CMOs need to be aware of relevance on two levels: 1) with your external audiences, and 2) inside your organization. Is the content you plan to create and amplify relevant for your prospects, your customers, and your industry? Is the current content you already have relevant to these audiences? Is your marketing team relevant inside the organization, and if not, how can an effective content marketing strategy help drive revenue to make your team more relevant inside the organization?

  3. Regular.

    Can you commit to regular content production and amplification? It’s important to factor in considerations such as budget and human capital, yet be sure to think beyond the walls of your organization and don’t limit your thinking to only people on your payroll. Many companies are very successful creating content through their customers, advocates, the influencer community, or assembling a network of external contributors. If you are able to go this route, be sure you have someone dedicated, at least partially, to helping build and execute the strategy around your external content creators. Whether you use internal or external creators, (hopefully you use both!), it’s important to start with a strategy and have someone in charge of coordination and amplification.

  4. Real.

    This is simple, but it’s important. Is the content you’re creating solving a real market need? I’ve seen organizations fall into the trap of creating cutesy content, creating content-for-content’s-sake. It’s great to have a human voice and have fun telling stories while we’re selling our products and services, but in the end we are B2B marketers whose job it is to help the company perform against business goals. If you aren’t producing content to solve a real need, your content soon becomes irrelevant, and consequently, so do you and your team.

  5. Replicable.

    Can you replicate the content you create, and the process by which you create it? This is the corollary to #3, the ability to produce Regular and ongoing content. The more replicable your process and type of content, the easier it will be for you to sustain your content marketing strategy over time and build success.

  6. Repurpose.

    The original list started as the 5 R’s, but I couldn’t resist adding a 6th R to the list. Repurposing content is a huge, and often missed, opportunity for B2B marketers. I always say there is no such thing as a company without content, because I’ve seen marketers find content in the most unassuming of places. Some great places to start include your sales team, your customer service team, your customers and your industry influencers. Sure, the content you find may not be market-facing (yet), but with a little massaging, you will be able to create content-in-a-box ready to go with minimal time needed. In addition to looking at current content for its repurposing potential, train yourself and your team to always be thinking about how any original content can be repurposed into multiple assets. For big rock content (larger pieces), think about how you can deconstruct them into smaller, more bite-sized assets. You may want to check out “One Amazing Idea On Content Repurposing”, a great case study featuring tips from industry experts Joe Pulizzi, Robert Rose and Jay Baer.

If you’re new to content marketing, the 6 R’s of Content MarketingTM can be helpful to assess your team’s readiness to commit to content marketing. If you’re a content marketing veteran, use the checklist to do a fundamental health check and ongoing assessment of your content marketing strategy.




Peg Miller is Co-Founder of the B2B Marketing Academy, and consults with high growth companies on their marketing, content and product strategies to achieve revenue results.

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