3 Best Guides to Measuring What Matters This Year

June 5, 2016
by Christine Viera
  • 3 Best B2B Marketing Guides

B2B Marketers – the data revolution is at our doorstep. We’re expected to drive plans with data as the new normal in today’s digital-first marketing era.

B2C companies are widely seen as more advanced at solving these issues using big data. So, there’s a lot to learn from their progress. Yet B2B marketing is a different animal. In contrast to our B2C friends, we need to manage longer sales cycles with many more stakeholders and more complex, high value offerings.

So what should we measure? If you’re like me, you’ll want to know what insights your peers are tracking so you can benchmark your results. 

According to the Teradata 2015 Global Data-Driven Marketing Survey we’re collectively using data for:

  1. More accurate decision-making – 67%
  2. Faster decisions – 59%
  3. Better results – 57%

To help you master your data, I’ve found 3 guides that offer good strategies and practical advice for B2B Marketers.


1. The Definitive Guide for Marketing Metrics & Analytics by Marketo

As a leading B2B marketing software vendor, Marketo has a wealth of knowledge to share. This in-depth and practical guide is a true B2B data mastery bible. It can help you align traffic-lead-pipeline measures with program-specific measures for deep insights.


2. B2B Marketing Metrics: Conundrums and Solutions by Brian Hansford, Heinz Marketing

In the form of a simple blog, Brian outlines the conundrum of B2B marketing measures. The challenge in a B2B marketing is that we wish for simple answers from explicit data. Yet in reality, answers are often implicit. 


3. A Field Guide to the 4 Types of Content Marketing Metrics by The Content Marketing Institute with Convince & Convert


Who can forget about content? Content is what marketing is all about. If you can’t measure its impact, you’re working in the dark. Born of insights from leading content marketing experts, this guide covers metrics in 4 key areas: consumption, sharing, lead generation, and sales metrics.

What guides have you found helpful?


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