1-Minute Guide to Mastering Marketing Data

June 5, 2016
by Christine Viera
  • 1 Minute Guide to Mastering Marketing Data

How Well Do You Guide Your Marketing Team In This Data Era?

Marketing, revenue and pipeline goals are now common for most CMOs and their teams. Yet if you can’t easily see it, measure it, forecast it, and track the outcomes – you’re facing a heavy lift to justify your marketing spend.

But is data-driven marketing just about having the right KPIs and dashboards? Definitely not!  It’s about having:

  • a clear business strategy
  • rallying people to it
  • tracking data that drives good decisions, and
  • using tools that make that work easier.

Success requires you to engage smart, creative people and lead them to a measurable outcome. Everyone needs to understand and drive to the outcomes you’ve signed up to deliver.

By all means – get your KPIs and optimal dashboards in place. It’s a great place to start. Here are two blogs that may help you design the right views into your results: 5 Secrets to Great B2B Marketing Dashboards and 3 Outstanding Guides for Building Great Dashboards.

To do this well, you’ll need a framework understand where you are in your data journey. Here’s ours.


Data-driven B2B marketing framework

In our experience, embracing and becoming effective at data is a process. Few companies become savvy, data-wielding marketing masters overnight. To do it well, you have to get your arms around the data and help your team master it at a pace that doesn’t freak them out. It’s an iterative process. To drive that process, you need a good way to frame the problem.

We hope you can use our Data Mastery Framework to:

  • Assess what’s is available
  • Map and align information across teams
  • Design dashboards with the data that’s readily accessible today
  • Train your team to use the dashboards at the right pace

So create a plan to help your team see, celebrate and embrace the milestones for steady progress.



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